Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reja (pronounced Ray-Hah)

Reja (pronounced Ray-Hah) is an approx 6 year old female pbt mix. She is a spastic bundle of brindled love with one ear that sticks straight up and one that's floppy. In fact her full name (La Oreja Loca) means the crazy ear in Spanish.

Working in rescue, I've known quite a few pits as great athletes with incredible stamina for play and lots of love to give. My husband had never met one before we adopted Reja. Having Reja in our lives has made us more active (to keep up with her) and educated in dog behavior since she's very smart and we're constantly reading and devising new ways to challenge her. These muscular bundles of joy are high-energy, intelligent dogs who do everything to the extreme: work, play, and love. 

I love that Reja is a completely fearless athlete. She’s so coordinated and light on her feet, she’s amazing to watch.

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