About This Project

Not My Pitbull is a photographic essay that will help demonstrate the true character, sensitivity, and loving nature of this misunderstood breed. Take a stand against the senseless abuse and suffering these dogs face everyday. Have your dog photographed and share your story about this beautiful breed. Don't forget! Demand police response to all crimes of neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals.

Over the last 6 years as a Photographer and Pitbull owner, I began to realize the majority of people don’t know anything about Pitbulls except the derogatory information they find in the media. Over the last six years I have educated myself about Pitbulls and have met hundreds of other Pitbulls who are loving, sensitive and smart. There is a whole world of love and specialness created by Pitbulls that I didn’t know before I adopted my first named Leonard. They can be truly amazing dogs! NotMyPitbull is a way to showcase this amazing breed visually and verbally. My hope is that it will educate those who don’t know the true nature of these dogs and create a unity among those who have a Pitbull or Pitbulls in their lives already.

I now have two Pitbulls, Leonard and Ruby, who are equally different, amazingly special and who love each other dearly.